Sunday, December 9, 2012

Silly Girl

She just keeps me laughing, every day...

Learning to crawl, by climbing up Mom. She also has gotten good
about wriggling her eyebrows at me when I do it to her.

"If I could master this face with the crinkly nose they love, I'd NEVER have to nap again!
Bwa Haa Haa!"

Judgy Face. Like I'm the first mom in the world to spend the day wearing
pajamas and eating croissants for every meal.

 She doesn't really care for socks and such, but she'll let me put any old
thing on her head. Like pants.
Has there ever been a cuter thumb sucker?
Flirting with her dad




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  1. Oh man she is cute! I need to smother and squish her with Heart Auntie kisses!