Wednesday, October 15, 2014


That's "Two!" if you're Clara. All day long, you can hear "poo pumpkins!", "poo balls!", "poo oranges!" at our house. It doesn't matter how many of said items are actually there, it's always poo. So stinkin' cute.
(That's right, I'm just jumping in like I haven't been absentee for 18 months. Good friends can do that)
We've been busy with new jobs, moving in with my parents while we build a new house, pre-pre-preschool, family vacations and playing hard.
Today we had an evaluation with Early Intervention to see if Clara can get in to pre-preschool before she's 3, when they'll test her to see if she qualifies for preschool. And, well, she might not. She's behind in her speech and "self-help" (dressing and feeding herself), so her quest for early emancipation is hitting a roadblock. But in all the other skills, like social and motor skills, she is at or ahead of schedule. So we'll be having speech and occupational therapy come in to work with her for a while, but her current specialist thinks there is a good chance she won't qualify for the preschool run by the district for developmentally delayed kids. She's catching up so fast, I can't believe how quickly she learned to mimic the naughty words Uncle Nate teaches her!
She'll also head to cardiology on Monday for her next checkup. We have had to visit the cath lab once this year to have the stents in her pulmonary arteries ballooned, and a few sedated echos, but all is well there also. She has so much energy and has been very healthy, minus a month of ear infections and HFM earlier this year.
 We have also been lucky to take Clara to a lot of fun places this year-with family, with HopeKids and some just for fun. We always love our annual trip to St. George with the Wallaces for Spring Break and Clara got to go on her first plane ride to visit the Forbes (and Fuller!) family in Minnesota. Since I've never been a great lover of pets, we made up for it by going to the zoo, the aquarium, and even a reptile show this summer!
(Just now, Clara climbed in to my lap, saw two pictures of her and yelled "poo Claras!")
We hope to be moving in to a new house in Herriman next month and we couldn't be more excited or feel more blessed for the help from our family in making this happen. We have found a neighborhood we're excited to join, there are families with kids for Clara to play with, good schools, and we can't wait to put down some new roots there.

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  1. She's so cute, she has conquered so many journey's and done so well. I hope you get what your looking for. Congrats on the new house and jobs etc. Fun times for your family.